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Pilates, as we know it today is an exercise form created by Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967).

Using movements combining gymnastics, yoga, skiing, fencing and dance he developed a unique technique that can be modified for all ages and abilities to provide a safe and challenging workout. Through a carefully crafted set of exercises, pilates aims to change the way we use our bodies, restoring good posture, improving flexibility and muscle tone, relieving back pain and trimming waistlines. pilates strengthens the core and leads to an ‘inner strength’ allowing the body to work in a more organised, efficient manner.


Heidi Monsen

My pilates journey began 16 years ago when, plagued with back pain, I took various routes to try to alleviate it.  A year later with little or no results, I was recommended to try pilates.  I didn’t have a major problem, just that nagging back pain many can identify with.


Instantly I began to feel and look better and not only did my back pain disappear but a waistline appeared!  An exercise programme that heals and creates long lean muscles – I was hooked! With the encouragement of my pilates teacher at the time I went on to train with Body Control Pilates and qualified in 2009.  I now teach clients of all ages in group classes, 1-2-1’s on the studio equipment and I can't imagine a life without pilates.